Opening of Green Earth | Exhibition

GREEN EARTH BERTILLE DE BAUDINIERE In the galerie of the Fondation Opening Friday, May 23rd At 6:30pm Exhibition From May 24th To June 7th

In the 1980’s Bertille de Baudinière completed a series of monochrome paintings in Tokyo entitled Green Earth, inspired by her observation of nature through the prism of Japanese culture. Two decades later, this painter watches the transformation of the Earth into an immense digital sphere, the victim of ecological catastrophes. In 2011, Baudinière – then living in New York – was especially sensitive to the environmental catastrophe caused by the tsunami at Fukushima: “I saw myself 25 years before in Tokyo, and I decided to continue to paint Green Earth.” Green Earth thus becomes a suite of works that bears witness: a series of paintings coated with actual earth from different parts of the world that she adheres definitively to the canvas.

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