Screening of the Film “Irène” with Director Alain Cavalier

The Théâtre de la Cité offers artists the opportunity to discover films, documentaries and directors that inspire them. Saturday, October 10 at 5 pm at the Fondation des Etats Unis, Mohamed El Khatib echoes his show “Finir en beauté” invites you to attend the screening of Irene directed by Alain Cavalier and Françoise Widhoff in 2009.

• • •

One day Irene disappears. She leaves behind a diary that is found years later. A freshness. An attraction. A danger. How to make a movie? Here the director continues his very personal work on memory and intimacy. For that, he once again had recourse to a light material preferring a simple HD camera.

• • •

Cavalier has the art of sacralizing the real, even if he only grasps the emptiness of absence. His film has the bewitching and tragic strength of great romantic poems that say, like an antiphon, the loss of a loved one. ~Télérama (Aurélien Ferenczi).

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