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Last year Messina Hernandez-Simpson, artist in residence at the FEU in partnership with Sarah Lawrence College, discovered a new art style: lithography. This project depicts her exploration and development of this technique. Hernandez-Simpon began by creating simple images using only a single color. As she gained familiarity with the process, she was able to experiment with bigger and more complex images consisting of several colors. This newfound skill has redefined the way in which the artist thinks about creative expression.

This exposition represents my experiments with a medium which was completely new to me. Before last year, I had seen a few lithographs here and there but never properly understood how they are made. The process of creating a lithography is the aspect I love the most. I was immediately attracted by the physicality of the process which contrasted dramatically to my previous experience in drawing and painting. Being able to feel in my own two hands the linoleum or wood and to cut it, layer by layer, was something very meditative for me. The possibility of creating multiple versions of the same image presented an enormous opportunity for variation. Within lithography, I have found a new format with which I can express myself. I look forward to continuing to become more familiar with the medium.

~Messina Hernandez-Simpson

The opening will take place on Wednesday, February 1st, as part of Art-hop-polis. The full program will be available on CitéScope soon.

Practical information

Dates February 2-22 | Opening Monday to Friday 10am-1pm | 2pm-5:30 | Access plan available here

If you wish to come at another time, please see the guided tour schedule or contact us at

Grand Opening

Date Wednesday, February 1st | Time 7-8:30pm | Facebook Event

Free reservation

Reservation mandatory. Depending on the number of visitors, you may be asked to wait before entering the exhibit.

Guided Tours

Visits will be organized with the presence of the artist. The next visit with Messina will be on Sunday, February 5th for the audience of the Rendez-vous Musical #86.

Rendez-vous Musical #86

February 8, 2023

February 18, 2023

February 21, 2023

More dates and times to be announced…

Meet the Artist

Messina Hernandez-Simpson is an American / Mexican student who came to Paris with the intention of completing an intensive figure drawing class with live models. The human form has always interested her because she thinks that it is the form which is the most present in our lives and surroundings. She wanted to begin to understand the movement, proportions, and anatomical distribution of the human body. She learned exponentially about the human form and will continue to do so. Before coming to Paris, She has already been creating work for multiple years. Her favorite medium is pen and ink, she loves precision and finality of a pen on paper. She has also worked with colored pencils, markers, acrylic paint, gouache and lithography. She intends to capture spaces in which She has lived as well as people she has met in an effort to keep a sort of journal of her experiences.
Messina Hernandez-Simpson studies at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in the artist community at FEU.

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