Recruitment: Director of the Fondation des Etats-Unis (FEU)

The mission of the FEU, and the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CiuP) of which it is a part, is to welcome international students and foster lasting relationships amongst young men and women who in their various fields of study are building the world of tomorrow. The role of the Director, together with FEU staff is to provide a safe, comfortable and culturally vibrant environment in which resident students can study and experience community life.

The FEU is a “Fondation Reconnue d’Utilité Publique” presided by the Recteur de l’Académie de Paris, and is thus one of the independent houses of the CiuP. The FEU works closely with the Fondation Nationale, which manages the CiuP’s common services, as well as with the management of 43 other houses located on the CiuP’s grounds.

The Director of the FEU has a high level of responsibility: managing staff, defining budget and financial strategy, supervising security and maintenance, representing the FEU to partner institutions and at the CiuP, promoting cultural life, and maintaining a close relationship with residents and their elected committee. Management of the FEU is under the overall supervision of a Board of Directors, which meets two to three times a year.

The Director’s position is a part-time position entrusted to a full-time University Professor or Associate Professor. It is compensated by a large apartment (F7) with a large terrace, at the FEU. Initial appointment is for three years, renewable twice.


The 270 students living at FEU come from diverse backgrounds, in accordance with the founding spirit of CiuP, created to combat nationalism and build peace through sustainable international relations. The Director oversees admissions, closely follows occasional residents in need, and ensures that all residents may live in harmony and enjoy their study abroad. He/she oversees, encourages and funds the activities of the Residents’ Committee, elected each year by the FEU resident community. The President of the Residents’ Committee sits on the Board of Directors.

A primary FEU mission is to promote Franco-American culture and to provide multiple opportunities for resident artists and musicians to show their work and collaborate with other artists and musicians in France. The FEU’s cultural life is coordinated by FEU’s cultural attaché, under the general supervision of the Director. His/her mission is to develop partnerships, residencies and projects that create opportunities for American artists and musicians studying in Paris.

The Director manages the FEU’s staff (7 people), and its various external service providers (5 people). He/she conducts annual performance reviews, calls staff meetings, oversees employee training, and supervises the accountant in charge of payments and control of time worked.
The Director ensures the financial health of the FEU. Finances are managed on a day-to-day basis by an accounting firm, and are periodically audited. The director negotiates loans, decides on major spending for the FEU, and negotiates contracts with study abroad programs. The FEU’s financial situation is solid but the COVID crisis having resulted in significant financial losses, the FEU must return to its former financial situation and rebuild its capital.

The Director supervises the house’s maintenance strategy and oversees technical issues. The 270 rooms of the FEU and its various common areas are managed on a day-to-day basis by the staff.
The Director decides on renovations that may concern rooms or corridors, frescoes, or machinery and equipment, whether minor (a window to be changed), routine (painting), or major (network transformations). Major works are presently planned, including the restoration of the façade (work is in progress), and the renovation of the 5th floor (pre-programing is in progress). Upcoming renovations will most likely concern the offices and the central wing of the FEU.

The house was originally built thanks to American fundraising initiatives in the 1920s. Reviving this tradition and implementing a long-term fundraising strategy is a major task for the years to come. A great deal of preparatory work has already been completed in this regard, and strategies are in place to raise funds in keeping with the rules of “coopetition” among other CiUP houses also looking for sponsors.

Candidates are currently employed as Professor or Associate Professor in higher education. They are bilingual in French and English and entirely familiar with both French and American higher education and culture. They are willing to invest in a public service mission governed by private law.
Specific qualities sought:
– Versatility
– Network
– Responsiveness and availability (on permanent call)
– Diplomacy
– Empathy
– Energy
– Initiative

EXPÉRIENCE: Five years in higher education
STARTING DATE: January 1, 2022

Send a cover letter, a C.V., two letters of reference with contact information to
(please do not contact any other FEU address)

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