Monday February 12 @8pm : Ciné-concert – Gender and sexual norms in four silent films

Monday, February 12 at 8pm, the American House is collaborating with Le 7e genre, a film club that presents older films questioning gender and sexual norms, for a free screening of rare silent films and concert by Student Residents. Artists of all trades have always — and certainly ever since the beginning of cinema — defied gender conformity and patriarchy. That is exactly what Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin, Ethelyn Gibson, and even a Dancing Pig do in these four silent films. Come and admire private-eye Stan’s very campy way of resolving crime mysteries in The Sleuth, not unlike Charlot in A Woman, wearing the same costume you saw in A Film Johnnie at a ciné-concert last year. In typical Hollywood style, Ethelyn Gibson struggles against most insisting, most unattractive beaus, but will they recognize her dressed as a boy? At intermission, listen for a sound film dating back to 1895 when Thomas Edison had queer dreams of marrying his Kinetoscope to his Phonograph. Admission is free, sign up here : Inscription en ligne Facebook event to come

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