GALET General Conference

The GALET (Groupement des associations de langues et d’études étrangères) is organising on March 16th and 17th the General Conference entitled “Reflections on research in foreign studies and the place of languages in higher education”. This event will take place on Thursday afternoon and Friday all day in four houses of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, including the Fondation des États-Unis (see program below).

The GALET has existed for several years and is gradually becoming more structured. In addition to AFEA and SAES, (the active associations) there are AGES (Association of Germanists in Higher Education), SIES (Society of Italianists in Higher Education), SHF (Society of French Hispanists), SFR (French Society of Russians). At the last meeting at the ministries, on 7 February, at DGESIP, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arab studies were also represented.


Thursday 16 March
House Henrich-Heine
13h30-15h30 : GALET General Assembly
15h30-16h : break
Fondation des Etats-Unis
16h-18h : lectures on “Plurality of languages at university” (Astrid Guillaume, European Observatory of Plurilingualism) and on “Making less ‘rare’ and more visible: the case of Asian studies” (Annick Horiuchi, Paris Diderot, SFEJ) followed by a reception

Friday 17 March
Morning at the Spanish College
10h : welcome
10h30-11h30 : Debate on “For a quality teaching in LANSAD” with Marielle Silhouette (Paris Nanterre, AGES), Gwen Le Cor (Paris 8, AFEA), Patrick Farges (Paris 3, AGES) and Sergi Ramos Alquezar (Paris-Sorbonne, SHF)
11h30-11h45 : break
11h45-12h45 : Workshops on :

  • 1) secondary/superior articulation and research in languages and foreign studies (with Caroline Pascal IGEN Spanish – Dean of the Modern Languages Group of the General Inspection)
  • 2) research in languages and foreign studies (with Marie Gaille, CNRS, 35th section, and Xavier Galmiche, Paris Sorbonne, UMR Eur’Orbem)

Afternoon at the Italian House
14h30-15h30 : restitution ; semantic assessment with Arezki Cherfaoui, doctoral student Paris Saclay
15h30-16h : break
16h-17h30 : round table :

  • 1) “What is linguistics?” (Séverine Adam, Paris Sorbonne, AGES; Guillaume Desagulier, Paris 8, SAES)
  • 2) “Why a thesis on a literary work?” (Paul-Henri Giraud, Lille 3, SHF ; Maria Pia De Paulis, Sorbonne Nouvelle, SIES)
  • 3) “What Boundaries for Civilization?” (Alessandro Giacone, Grenoble 3, SIES ; Hélène Quanquin, Sorbonne Nouvelle, AFEA)
  • 4) “Arts and studies “areal” (François Brunet, Paris Diderot, AFEA; Mélanie Torrent, Paris Diderot, SAES)

Reception at the Collège franco-britannique.

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