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“In Motion III: Soloïde” by Althea Dance Company

Althea Dance Company will present the performance “In Motion III: Soloïde” on November 3rd, 2020 following their dance workshop and as part of their artistic residency at the FEU. The performance will include a piece created with the participants of the workshop.

“During a time where uncertainty is certain, where it is hard to find familiarity, and where our relationships with others have become strained, the themes of introspection, isolation, reflection, renewal, and the cycle of history are ever more prominent. Can we believe what we see with our own eyes to be Reality? Does our perception change when we are in a group or when we are alone? Seeing without seeing is a risk in a society where information is everywhere without distinction. The decisions individuals make shape and redefine the world in which we evolve. How can our everyday lives, what we know best, suddenly be flipped upside down? Thus is born the need to readapt and reinvent. It’s a journey in an unknown, mysterious world in which darkness contains at the same time questions and answers.”

-Thea Bautista

About the Company

Althea Dance Company focuses on international collaboration with artists from different fields such as writers, musicians, painters or visuals artists. The company explores new ways of sharing dance with the audience and how to reach to people who may not be used to the contemporary dance scene. Follow Althea Dance on Facebook and Instagram!

Creative Team

Thea Bautista is a French, Mexican and American dancer and choreographer and she is the founder and artistic director of Althea Dance Company. She studied music and dance for 10 years at the Maurice Ravel conservatory in Paris before leaving for New York City to continue her training at the Perdiance Capezio Center, where she earned her diploma in 2013. In France, Thea danced for the Ballet Ethéry Pagava and for the Corps à Sons ensemble. In the US she worked on several projects with renowned choreographers such as Charlotta Öfverholm, Milton Myers, Ronald K. Brown, Catherina Rago, Shawn Bible and with companies such as Oniin Dance Company, Azul Dance Theater, Hose Work Dance Project and IKADA Dance Company. Thea created her first choreography in 2016 and founded Althea Dance Company in 2017. She is currently working on several projects to be presented in New York, France and Mexico.

Sarah Le Guenno is a contemporary French dancer from Brittany and Associate Director of Althea Dance Company. She began ballet at the age of 4 and then explored different techniques such as modern jazz, hip hop, folk dance and contemporary dance in Brittany. Sarah danced in CND competitions and in musicals where she received several awards. She joined the non-profit A Portée De Chœur as a dancer and choreographer for 3 years. At the age of 18, Sarah trained in Classical and Contemporary dance at the Danceworks studio in London and then, in 2015, in New York City at the Peridance Capezio Centre. She works with different companies and choreographers such as: Oniin Dance Companie, Ronald K. Brown, BS Mouvment, Catherina Rago, Jackie Nowiki, Diego De Funes Company, Shawn Bible and Igal Perry.

Practical Information

DateNovember 3rd, 2020 | Time: 6pm & 7:15pm | Facebook Event
Access: visitors should arrive through the garden.

Reservation Required

COVID: mask required, please use the hand sanitizer made available at the entrance.

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